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"Learning today happens everywhere. But it's often difficult to get recognition for skills and achievements that happen online or out of school. Mozilla Open Badges help solve that problem, making it easy for any organization to issue, manage and display digital badges across the web." Mozilla Foundation.

What is a Learning Badge?

UNIQUE Learning Badges is working on an international quality standard for badge issuers. The project partners are working alongside other organisations to develop guidelines for quality recognition of non-formal learning within the European youth work context.

Currently you may refer to the "Digital Badge Design Principles for Recognizing Learning" by Andi Rehak and Daniel Hickey

Badge design principles

UNIQUE Learning Badges are using Mozilla Open Badges standard. Currently you may learn more about Open Badges by enrolling into Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) "Badges - New Currency for Professional Credentials"

Open badge

Digital badges are visual representations of learning outcomes and achievements. They are more than just a simple image online! Each individual badge has attached information with a description and identified evidence of learning.
Using an online platform you can offer the recognition for what your learners have learnt offline and online.
The organisations who have put this project together
  • Lithuania

    Laimonas Ragauskas @LiNA
    Contact him

    Lithuania | LiNA
  • Slovenia

    Ksenja Perko @Tipovej!
    Contact her

    Slovenia | Tipovej!
  • Germany

    Johannes Bergunder @GOEUROPE! at .lkj) Sachsen- Anhalt
    Contact him

    Germany | GOEUROPE! at .lkj) Sachsen- Anhalt
  • Spain

    Aga Byrczek @Cazalla Intercultural
    Contact her

    Spain | Cazalla Intercultural
  • Portugal

    Susana Constante Pereira @Inducar
    Contact her

    Portugal | Inducar
  • UK

    Buzz Bury @Think Forward
    Contact him

    UK | Think Forward
So, you have seen some of what UNIQUE Learning badges are about. Well here are some of the finer details about the grounds on which this project works.
websitesOpen Badges
UNIQUE Learning Badges are built on the Mozilla Open Badges Infrastructure - the new online standard to recognise and verify learning that happens anywhere and can be shared further in the places that matter. Find out more
psd 2 htmlYouthpass
UNIQUE Learning Badges takes best practice from Youthpass - a tool for participants of projects funded by the Youth in Action Programme to describe what they have done and to show what they have learnt. Discover more.
corporate identityFunding

UNIQUE Learning Badges is co-funded by the European Union´s programme "Youth in Action" and national partners. The national partners contribute with their staff, knowledge and financial resources. They are listed here.

psd 2 htmlUnique network
UNIQUE Network is the community of people united for innovation and quality in education. UNIQUE Learning Badges is an outcome of long-term cooperation between the members of this community of practice. Join the community here.
psd 2 htmlLearning to learn
In a society where more and more learning is an unavoidable condition of life, one must learn to learn, i.e. learn to manage and economise one´s own learning. UNIQUE Learning Badges uses resources from the L2L project here.
psd 2 htmlGamification
Gamification is the use of game design elements in a non-game context. UNIQUE Learning Badges enables gamification in a variety of learning contexts and youth work settings. "Game" the learning with the knowledge here.
We would love to hear from you, give us a shout! You might even get a badge for taking the initiative.